About Us

Gift Card Smart is a simple, yet compelling, software that enables any small business to have a gift card program. A business owner can download Gift Card Smart and start using it. The idea is straightforward, Gift Card Smart reads the card number off of the plastic gift card (swipe or barcode scan) and creates an account for the card. Gift Card Smart keeps track of card usage. Gift Card Smart has a loyalty point system as well. If you wish to use the loyalty program, identify how many points a gift card receives for every transaction.

Our Approach


Over sophisticated apps take away the joy of using them and become another chore for business owners. We always wanted to make sure our product is easy-to-use and easy-to-understand.

Gift Card Smart is among most popular products we have ever developed. We have customers from every corner of the planet. It is designed to work seamlessly and independent from local settings and configuration. In another word, Gift Card Smart works for you no matter where you use it.

Our Story

Gift Card Smart started when a business owner approached us and asked if we can help him with his gift card program. That was almost ten years ago!

Over time Gift Card Smart evolved and became what it is today. It is an excellent software for any small business to start a gift card program.


Gift Card Smart is a Windows-Based app. We are in the process of building Gift Card Smart for Android devices as well. Popular demand for this products encourages us to improve its capabilities while keeping it simple.


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