Gift Card Smart 10 – A Whole new design!

Gift Card Smart 10

This version is a complete revision of the Gift Card Smart. We have re-designed the UI (User Interface), a new database management system and an easy method to purchase an activation key

Quick Guide:

  1. Download Gift Card Smart (setup.exe)
  2. Run the setup file
  3. Follow prompts and finish the installation process
  4. A desktop icon will appear on your computer desktop
  5. Double click and run the app
  6. You must be an administrator to be able to run the Gift Card Smart app.
  7. The default username is: admin
  8. The default password is: bbcnews90
  9. Your trial app works for ten gift card transactions. At the end of the trial period, when you are ready to activate your software, click on the “Activate Your Software” button.

Gift Card Smart - New Design

Please keep in mind that each activation key is designed exclusively to work on the computer where you install and activate Gift Card Smart. Your activation key will NOT work on any other PC.

Please feel free to contact us if you experience any difficulties during installation or activation of the Gift Card Smart app.

Download Gift Card Smart app

Download Gift Card Smart 10

Gift Card Smart Cloud – For multi-location businesses

The wait is over; Gift Card Smart Cloud is here.

Gift Card Smart Cloud

Gift Card Smart Cloud, or GCS Cloud, is the solution for small businesses with multiple locations, which require a central database to process, store, and retrieve gift cards.

GCS Cloud is built to offer the same features as GCS stand-alone app, with the same UI, but with all benefits of a cloud-based application.

You can access and process your gift cards from any of your locations, and the information is available to all your sites, simultaneously.

In addition to its superb API-based design, GCS Cloud offers a hybrid storage technique. The hybrid data storage, allows you to back up your gift cards and all the transactions in a locally stored database.


GCS Cloud is available for download from our website. You can try GCS Cloud for free and if you found it to be what you are looking for you can activate the software by purchasing activation keys.


GCS Cloud price is $29.95 per license (you need one license for each PC). We never charge you a monthly fee, per transaction fee, or any form of ongoing and subscription fee.

You can order Gift Card Smart Gold Bundle, with GCS Cloud, for only $169.95 per unit. Each Gift Card Smart Bundle.

Download Gift Card Smart Cloud app

Gift Card Smart Cloud download is password protected to prevent abuse. Please contact us to access the password.