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Why You need to have a gift card programgift card smart software for small business

Gift cards—shoppers love them, and small businesses are harvesting the profits of one of the retail industry’s most positive trends.

Recipients of gift cards are more likely to visit the issuing business more than once, and often spend more than the value of the card and reload the card with a higher value than the original amount.

Although gift card programs had been used primarily by large vendors, small to mid-sized businesses (including franchisees) can benefit from implementing a gift card program. The majority of businesses who apply gift card programs report an increase in their sales.

Best way to take full advantage of a gift card program is by using re-loadable gift cards. Reloading allows the user to add or “load” additional money onto a card once the initial value has been reduced—a great way to persuade repeat visits by customers.

Yet, a better result comes when gift card offers rewards. Every time a consumer uses a gift card, or reload the card, reward points will be added to the card. Reward points hold a cash value and are redeemable.

GIFT CARD SMART is the most effortless and lucrative way to build on and profit from the attractiveness of gift and reward gift card programs. GIFT CARD SMART developed for practically any type of business. GIFT CARD SMART is easy-to-learn, easy-to-use and can pay for itself many times over quickly. This is a stand-alone software and you DO NOT need internet access to use it.

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