Custom Gift Cards

Custom Gift Cards

Gift Corder custom gift cardsard Smart has teamed up with Plastic Resource to bring you great services and products and make your gift cards beautiful and appealing.

Upgrade your paper gift certificates! Plastic gift cards customized with your logo and company colors are a must for your business.

With Gift Card Smart software It’s time for your business to offer plastic gift cards. Gift cards are an excellent source of incremental revenue and they help establish brand identity. On average, only 80% of a gift card’s value is redeemed and many customers often spend above and beyond the value of the gift card. Plastic gift cards are re-loadable and reusable.

We provide Plastic Resource with a list of gift card numbers (or you can send us your list if you have one) and the process will become a lot faster. All gift cards are printed in the United States and Plastic Resource customer service has been unparalleled for all these years that we have been working with them.

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